Michael Bisping has a reputation in the sport for smack talking.

He easily gets under the skin of opponents and surely it spreads to fans, the media and every other person. His comments easily cause reactions from other fighters in the MMA/UFC.

As a broadcaster on FOX, he is opportuned to voice out his thoughts about other fighters or incidences. He is a very good fighter himself and being gifted with oratory skills makes it double arsenal.

Bisping has recorded several feats on the stage like shocking the community with his promotion middleweight victory. The 38-year old is not celebrated as much but he has proved his mettle.

Bisping does not have the body of Georges St-Pierre – whom he is set to fight on November 4 at Madison Square Garden, New York. However, he is one of the best fighters to have graced the UFC. He is different from others like Jon Jones, BJ Penn, Demetrious Johnson or even Anderson Silva. He has been involved in major fights recorded in the 24-year history of the sport, even more than other stars.

Michael Bisping To Face GSP

We have all been reading about Bisping talking about his upcoming fight with Georges St-Pierre and his comments on how his opponent is probably growing his balls right now to be ready for the fight that is upcoming in this year.

The upcoming fight is yet to be scheduled with a definite date, but there is an intermittent bout being talked about between Bisping and Yoel Romero.

Bisping is a Cuban Olympian; he has now become involved in a verbal spat with Romero. The last comment that he has passed on Romero is to title him as a hypocrite as Romero criticized his decision to take on a fight with GSP. At the same time Yoel has issues about a bout with Jacare Silva. Bisping, in his latest statement, said that Yoel and Luke are like two crybabies of the division who are after the interim titles. What it boils down to is that Bisping is probably feeling the heat as UFC has announced that there would be a fight between him and Georges St-Pierre who is considered a returning legend.


Ultimate fighting sensation Michael Bisping has been awarded the prestigious UFC fighter of the year award.

The road to this year’s award was arguably more daunting than any other award in the history of the UFC universe. According to the fighter, the achievement is still marveling to both the UFC universe and him as he did have some internal doubts if he would end up Scooping the award.

The 37-year old fighter, who began his UFC career in 2006, had since progressed to the Ultimate Fighters reality series. Where he won his first bout by a TKO, followed by a commanding submission in the semifinal and then capped it with an impressive knockout of Josh Hayes in the final, to be crowned the light heavyweight winner. Bisping did not seem to slow down as he took the opportunity at UFC 66 to once again shine on the biggest of stages as he knocked out his opponent Eric Shafer at four minutes twenty-four seconds of the first round.

Michael Bisping Video Rating: / five

UFC Now Ep. 205: With Host Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping Video Score: four / five

Bisping Happy With Latest UFC Drug Test Policy

UFC middleweight champ Michael Bisping is satisfied with the latest UFC drug test policy. The famous Brit fighter had to deal with a good amount of conversation regarding PED substances in spite of this fact that he has always maintained a clean performance throughout his career.

The very outspoken fighter is one among the most significant names who has always been very vocal on speaking against dependency on PED & TRT by UFC fighters. TRT has been actually banned by NSAC & UFC about a year back.

Throughout his UFC tenure, Michael has faced 5 varied fighters who’ve either taken to PED or TRT. These unethical practices by his contenders have seriously miffed the Brit fighter and now he is content with the latest UFC drug test policy. He has praised the very feature of the policy that talks about all athletes receiving year round random testing which would be starting from July.

“Honestly, whatever I have read & saw if press meets, I have got a very positive vibe”, stated Bisping. “It is something which I have always wished to get done for long- out-of-competition testing, way stringent testing & more number of random testing. I feel that these are really positive steps.”