Bisping Happy With Latest UFC Drug Test Policy

UFC middleweight champ Michael Bisping is satisfied with the latest UFC drug test policy. The famous Brit fighter had to deal with a good amount of conversation regarding PED substances in spite of this fact that he has always maintained a clean performance throughout his career.

The very outspoken fighter is one among the most significant names who has always been very vocal on speaking against dependency on PED & TRT by UFC fighters. TRT has been actually banned by NSAC & UFC about a year back.

Throughout his UFC tenure, Michael has faced 5 varied fighters who’ve either taken to PED or TRT. These unethical practices by his contenders have seriously miffed the Brit fighter and now he is content with the latest UFC drug test policy. He has praised the very feature of the policy that talks about all athletes receiving year round random testing which would be starting from July.

“Honestly, whatever I have read & saw if press meets, I have got a very positive vibe”, stated Bisping. “It is something which I have always wished to get done for long- out-of-competition testing, way stringent testing & more number of random testing. I feel that these are really positive steps.”

The Brit wrestler was never this delusional to expect that the fighters won’t ever cheat if they get the right opportunity to escape with the wrong done. But according to him, the latest rules are taking UFC a step closer in cleaning up this sport.

Under latest drug test regulations, UFC fighters competing in the title fights or main events would have to face enhanced random drug tests on weeks leading to their bouts- every wrestler would be tested at the very night of bout, regardless of their place on card.

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