Michael Bisping has a reputation in the sport for smack talking.

He easily gets under the skin of opponents and surely it spreads to fans, the media and every other person. His comments easily cause reactions from other fighters in the MMA/UFC.

As a broadcaster on FOX, he is opportuned to voice out his thoughts about other fighters or incidences. He is a very good fighter himself and being gifted with oratory skills makes it double arsenal.

Bisping has recorded several feats on the stage like shocking the community with his promotion middleweight victory. The 38-year old is not celebrated as much but he has proved his mettle.

Bisping does not have the body of Georges St-Pierre – whom he is set to fight on November 4 at Madison Square Garden, New York. However, he is one of the best fighters to have graced the UFC. He is different from others like Jon Jones, BJ Penn, Demetrious Johnson or even Anderson Silva. He has been involved in major fights recorded in the 24-year history of the sport, even more than other stars.

St Pierre is willing to come out of his four-year retirement for the Bisping clash. He does not underrate his opponent and even opines that Bisping would beat Luke Rockhold if they clash again. Rockhold had lost the first fight against Bispingat UFC 199 last year but he returned to beat Bisping who was a late replacement for Chris Weidman.

St Pierre praised his potential opponent, as common in the sport. While some might not agree, Bisping has 20 wins and it more than the tally of others. Bisping has gotten numerous victories against the top five despite his trash talking. Even at their news conference, Bisping dragged St Pierre. If he goes ahead to defeat St Pierre, there would be fewer excuses to criticize him with.


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