Michael Bisping breaks down the Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman rematch

Michael Bisping Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Michael Bisping breaks down the Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman rematch”

  1. Edward Garcia says:

    What a freakin’ liar this Bisping fellow is! He didn’t pick Weidman to win
    the first fight, look at all his interviews, he said Weidman had no chance
    in beating Anderson, and all of a sudden once Weidman won he wants to say
    he said that all along, what a moron! Oh, now he joined the band wagon and
    said he’s going to win the rematch, what a loser! Lol. Weidman would
    destroy this dude, KO worse than he ko’d Munoz or Silva! This guy is an
    irrelevant MW, never be above #5, never!

  2. urmom eetsdick says:

    Web Exclusive: Michael Bisping “Weidman Has No Chance At Beating Anderson” 

  3. Charles Brown says:

    u guys are dumb Anderson was testin him. like sparring. If Anderson really
    fights him.Weidman is going to get KO.

  4. JustAirNikes says:

    Bisping is garbage… :-0 #DanHenderson … Lmfao

  5. Emotional Contagion says:

    Seriously Bisping, get some wins & shut your mouth. You’re no Chael Sonnen
    so you won’t talk your way into a title shot by being a douche bag.

  6. SeekerOfBigBooty says:

    bisping said exactly what i was thinking which is that the rematch will go
    the way it was supposed to the first time, with weidman grinding out the
    victory, lol except for the part where bisping thinks hes going to ko
    weidman xDD

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