Michael Bisping Picks Sonnen over Silva, Wants Rematch

Michael Bisping Movie Score: 5 / five

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6 Responses to “Michael Bisping Picks Sonnen over Silva, Wants Rematch”

  1. crazymike44 says:

    Well yeah, 6 years fighting the best, but you keep losing to the best! That does not deserve a title shot for losing to the best! You have to beat the best and keep betting the best to get a title shot. If you beat 2 of the top 10 and then lose to another top 10 or to 5, you don’t get the title shot.

  2. crazymike44 says:

    So now Anderson Silva is complaining of a knee injury???? SHeeeesh!

    IF Anderson is too hurt to fight, then PULL OUT NOW!!!!

    NO Exuses this time around for either fighter.

    Either show up in top form, or pull out NOW!!!

    Sorry, but sounds like someone is looking for an excuse if they lose…

  3. SeerofShadows11 says:

    All good. Cannot wait for this rematch. The ONLY way i could be disappointed by this fight is if Silva pulled a Guida or Condit and just decided to run in circles and avoid Chael the whole match knowing Chael is gonna try to close the distance. That would suck and probably cause Silva to loose much respect but I hope he’s above that lol

  4. joahem says:

    My mistake. I thought you were talking about the Anderson Silva fight. I agree with you about the Sonnen vs. Bisping fight.

  5. joahem says:

    Did you watch the same fight as I did? Chael Sonnen was winning that fight the WHOLE entire time. I don’t know what you’re talking about….

  6. SeerofShadows11 says:

    sonnen won that fight by a narrow margin. I looked at that fight going in to round 3 as tied, and in that 3rd round sonnen did what he needed to win! Much respect for bisping but cmon now dont get cunty!