UFC Now Ep. 205: With Host Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping Video Score: four / five

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23 Responses to “UFC Now Ep. 205: With Host Michael Bisping”

  1. Ben Underdown says:

    schuab is a funny dude, a mma star and friends with some pretty cool
    people… fuck the internet trolls .
    deathsquad baby

  2. Sansum says:


  3. Edge Snob says:

    Fighter and the kid podcast is carried by Callen 100%.

  4. CDN salsa says:

    I’d like to see more karate chops in UFC fights, men can break solid
    concrete with karate chops, imagine what they’d do to a grown man….

  5. Tej Parker says:

    Loveee bryan callen but he should not be a ufc analyst YET, hes mma IQ not
    there yet

  6. MMA man says:





  7. David Nunez says:

    205 is not on fight pass…

  8. Maxime X says:

    Fun fact: Schaub is a faggot

  9. Frank V says:

    Hay Bisping, throw anatha shramp on tha bobbie mate.

  10. Pete torious says:

    “My favorite is a jumping Tornado Wheel kick, but you guys haven’t learned
    that yet cuz you didn’t take my workshop” HAHAHAHA great ending!!

  11. Holy Eitr says:

    Bisping raising hell as always! 

  12. ProjectN64 says:

    Can any of these two guys beat any top 10 in their division? 

  13. Poopiesnoopies says:

    I was waiting for the fighter or the kid to say, “for sure……..” 

  14. Zach Armstrong says:

    Schuab and Calen, where is JOE???

  15. Nick Silva says:

    “one of the most brutal knockouts in the sport” lol let’s see Dan Henderson
    vs Michael Bisping. also Shaub is garbage I’m tired of hearing him.

  16. Kaka Krabby Patty says:


  17. Grant Bogdanove says:

    brian callen is not funny he is stupid as fuck

  18. Leng andCo says:

    These trolls are pretty rude but god damn hilarious!

  19. HM Pennypacker says:

    Who would ever click on this video with such a horrible title. Schaub +
    Bisping worst thing to happem since the Holocaust

  20. 1982fuckyou says:

    Couple 1 2 cutie pies and the kid #BDB

  21. Uncle Victor says:

    Oh cmon now! If I wanted to see these fucking worthless dropkicks, I’d
    watch one of their 200 episodes on the Joe Rogan Experience! 

  22. Cage Riot MMA says:

    Dana White Vlog – UFC Now Ep. 205: With Host Michael Bisping: UFC Now Ep.
    205: With Host Michael Bisping On this episode of UFC NOW, we’ll talk about
    a fighter’s post TUF career, how far have they come and what have they
    learned. We’ll look back… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #UFC

  23. Ritz handles says:

    As always

    Fuck brendan schaub